Jamaat’s Terrorism in the Name of Islam: It’s Time to Finish the Unfinished War of 1971

Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh and their leaders, accused of genocide and crimes against humanity during the Bangladeshi war of independence in 1971, have always tried to use the cloak of religion to distract people from their misdeeds. In 2013, Jamaat is repeating the history upon the verdict of one of their top leaders, Delwar Hossain Sayeedi’s 1971 war criminal trial. Sayeedi is given death penalty by the International crime tribunal (ICT) of Bangladesh. Whole Bangladesh was waiting for the verdict of the most sensational war crimes case for last 16 months since the charges had been framed against the person best known across Bangladesh for his sermons. As declared earlier by Jamaat “Civil war and Jihad on Sayeedi’s death penalty”, Jamat-e-Islami started deadly violence all over Bangladesh. At least 44 people, including four policemen, were killed and scores were injured in a spasm of violence in parts of the country yesterday after Jamaat and its student wing Shibir activists clashed with law enforcers to protest against a death penalty to Sayeedi. The minorities, especially Hindus, are attacked in the name of Jihad and 6 temples were burnt.

In 1971 unprecedented level of crimes against humanity was committed in Bangladesh by Pakistani army and their Bangladeshi collaborators. The political group supporting the Pakistani Army is Jamaat-e-Islami. The Bangladeshi collaborators tried to justify their heinous actions with the use of “Islam”. Those traitors abused the name of “Islam” as their weapon to kill, rape and savage this piece of land which Bangladeshis consider as their mother. The traitors, always tried to create a conflict between “love for Bangladesh” and “love for Islam”. They have been successful in utilizing the pro-Islamic sentiment of common Bangladeshis as well as world Muslims to gather support towards them. Since the war crime tribunal of Bangladesh started its trial, the Jamaat-e-islami’s propaganda reached its culmination. Now they have come out of the shadow and openly promoting the utter lie that the whole trial is just an eye wash while the reality of this trial is to demolish Islam from Bangladesh. They are creating anarchy and provoking their young Muslim activists to get involved in fighting with the law enforcement agency. They are trying to present this personal clash as “Jihad”. WRONG. This is just a pattern. Whenever Jamaat-e-Islami wants to establish their illegal personal agenda, they attach the “jihad sentiment” to give legitimacy to it. In the name of Jihad Jamaat-e-Islami not only kills general people, they even set up fire in the Mosque and burn prayer mats. Most Islamic scholars, including the Khatib of (chief imam) of the national mosque Baitul Mukarram urged Jamaat-e-Islami to stop vandalizing mosques in the name of “Islam”.

In 1971, when Pakistani army attacked Bangladesh in the middle of a dark night and killed innocent Bangladeshi people in their sleep, Jamaat-e-Islami leaders portray it as an “Islamic” killing. WRONG. In 1971, almost a quarter million women, including minorities and underage, were raped and tortured by Pakistani armies and their collaborators. The traitor of the country name it “Islamic”. WRONG. In 1971, 5th largest Genocide of the human history was perpetrated by Pakistani army and their collaborators, Jamaat-e-Islami tried to make it controversial by saying that it was an “Islamic” war against Pakistan and India. WRONG. When thousands of war children were born after 1972, Jamaat-e-Islami created so much emotional atrocities in the name of Islam to the mothers of the war children that many of them either committed suicide or left Bangladesh. WRONG.

Now, when the youth of Bangladesh has risen and vowed to bring the war criminals of 1971 under trial, it can be assumed how far they can go in using “The Holy Quran” and “Islam” as a shield. With the verdict of Capital punishment of Jamaat-e-Islami’s top leader Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, accused of 20 heinous charges, Jamaat-e-Islami is making a desperate attempt towards creating social unrest. They had previously threatened to take the country towards a civil war. But they have got very little support from the general mass. Jamaat-e-Islami is spreading false propaganda of “saving Islam” and declaring “Jihad” to save their rapist leaders. In the western world Jamaat-e-Islam spreads money and employ lobbyist to buy out world opinion; however, in Muslim world the tool is “Islam”.

But we the Bangladeshis, Alhamdulillah, historically did our own fight and we have been victorious. We became independent. We achieved our freedom. We overcome all the post war adversities. Now it is time to stop all the WRONGs and uproot those religion sellers. With the rise of 2013 Shahbag generation, we will not let any criminal to hide behind our Holy Quran. We will keep our Holy Quran “Holy” and save Its true dignity. Allah is “Right”. Allah gives opportunities, even to the worst of the worst criminals, to come to the right path. But at the end Supreme Justice Allah sends soldiers to destroy the rotten souls.

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  1. Moinak says:

    ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ?????????????????? ???????????? ?????????????????? ….
    I am not a Muslim nor am I a Bangladeshi.
    I am a Bengali and an Indian citizen.

    Bengali…. this transcends all ethnic and nationalistic barriers..
    We have proved in 1971 that we can never be bowed down..

    We have to prove this again. This is not a Bangladeshi fight alone. This is a fight when Bengalis all over the world need to say in one voice, ” We will not perish into the darkness” Those who killed us Bengalis in 1971 can never be forgiven.

    Shahbag reminds me of Nuremberg. Justice is done. Hang the evil collaborators who raped women just because they spoke Bengali. We Bengalis are with you across the border. Ban Jamat and all parties who disregard the sound that comes out of a newborn”s lips. Bangla bhasha amar gorbo. 1971 — we will not forgive nor forget.

    Joy Bangla.

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