Shahbag 2013

An unprecedented phenomenon started to take shape in the Shahabag Square on February 05, 2013. On that day, the??International War Crime Tribunal??Bangladesh announced it’s??verdict??for ??Abdual Quader Mollah??for his crimes against humanity in 1971. The tribunal had indicted him on 28 May 2012 on six charges for “actively participating, facilitating, aiding and substantially contributing to the attack directed upon the unarmed civilians, causing commission of the horrific genocides, murders and rapes.” The court concluded that 5 out of 6 accusations against Quader Mollah had been established through the??trial and handed down the sentence of life-imprisonment.

The youth, mostly bloggers and online activists,??who are not affiliated with any political party or organization, spontaneously started to meet at Shahabaq Square to protest this verdict. Their demand is capital punishment. They believe the sentencing has been uneven and it does not match the crime perpetrated by Mollah. Soon, people from all walks of life started to gather to show support for this spontaneous burst of emotion.


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  1. spOrsho says:

    Nice and inspiring status….

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  3. shibly says:

    we all support shahbag movement and sorry for blogger razib killing.

  4. hamidur says:

    all the razaker must hang

  5. sajjad hossain says:

    protite desher manusher…..moulik chahedar proti kheal rakha dhorkar……..Bangladesh ekti shadin desh……tai amader shadinatay keo badha detey pareyna…..doshey miley kore kaj hare jithe nahe laj……ai desh amader Ma,,,tai ai monovab shovar modhey thaka dhorker…..amra ai desher nagorek….vote dese kinthu valobasha painai…..jara moddobitto tara tho kichu koitey parey na… parey koitey na parey soitey……ai deshey takar man kobey barbey……amar desh shundor amar desher manus valo…tai amader joy hobey… bangla…..ame jara deshdrohe deshar valo chayna tadher fashe chai…..ame Bangladesh… k …ekti shundhor …porishkar porisonno desh heshebey dekhtey chai……….

  6. kh.Ashekul Baki Tomas says:

    I always keep in touch with all activities from Gonojagoron Moncho,projonmo chottor.How can I listen shadinbangla betar 2013.

  7. Manas Bhattacharjee says:

    Shabag Squire a Andolon-roto Sahasi,Progotisil.Dharma-nirapekhha,Moulabad Birodhi ebong sarbopori Desh-Premik Yuba Sampraday k akjon ‘Bharatiya Bangali Nagarik’ hisa-be Selam janai.Apnader purba- suri ra Bhasa Andolon o Mukti Yuddha’r modhha di-a Bangili Jati satta’r sikriti Biswa’r kach thaka adai kor-a-chilen.Aaj apnader sam-ne Sesh Yuddha-Matri Bhumi’r sath-a jara biswasghatakata kor-a-che,tader kono khama nai.Aai Sesh Yuddha apna-der joy abosambhabi.Sudhu aktai dukhha j, aai Banglar Yuba samaj Nari-nirjaton,Durniti,Vrasta-char,Asikhha,Khuda,Daridra biruddhe akhono jagroto hoi ni.Akha-ne kob-a sai din asbe?
    What Bangladesh thinks today,West Bengal thinks tomorrow.

  8. Ricky says:
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